Wilvorst for Grooms

WILVORST – Fashions Trends for Autumn/Winter 2012

Getting married with traditional elegance? Or going for a more modern style?

The new collection of TZIACCO from Wilvorst offers you every possibility – just choose the best suit for your wedding day style and celebrate a gorgeous wedding!


The modern TZIACCO Royal range of the coming season enables you to tread the path of kings.

This successful new interpretation of the historical and classical frock coat from the time of Louis XIV has been given a fashionable update.

Trendsetting men love it already and so do we!   



Only exclusive fabrics from France are used. Wilvorst say that ‘nature acted as a model to the patterns’. Filigree coral reefs and jungle trees combined with fine-threaded jacquard weaves of wool mixtures result in an exciting elegance. 

A restrained satin lustre is seen in plain and nearly plain patterns.

Whilst classic black, chestnut and mocha are the predominating colours, anthracite and silver are gaining importance.

No groom is properly dressed without a waistcoat. TZIACCO offers 34 waistcoats. Festive and graphic patterns and elegant small patterns are complemented by extraordinary patchwork patterns or stripes with arabesque motifs. 

All in all, it’s so easy to dress well if your groom’s wearing Wilvorst!

For your nearest stockist visit www.wilvorst.de




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