Amazing venues

Whether you opt for a grand mansion or intimate marquee, your wedding venue sets the tone of your big day.

Your venue is the first thing you should decide on when you're starting to plan your wedding.

Once it's chosen, you'll be amazed at how easily everything else starts to fall in to place, for the venue largely dictates what style of celebration you'll have.

Alongside a traditional church ceremony followed by a reception, it's now popular to marry in a civil venue and party there too, so your options are numerous; from stately homes, castles and hotels to football stadiums, cinemas, barns and vineyards!

Where to wed? 

Key questions to help you find your chosen venue:  

To get started, you need to estimate how many guests you'll have - there's no point setting your heart on an intimate venue if the reality is you've got 200 friends and family.


Once you know numbers, decide whether you want to marry at home or away.

If  you're thinking of a home ceremony, which can be wonderfully private and informal, things to bear in mind are space and facilities, like toilets and parking.

If you're thinking of a hall or hotel, be prepared for restrictions on menus, lighting, decorations and extra charges for things like corkage, and if you're considering an historic site, such as museum or university building, bare in mind there may be drinks and opening time limitations. 

Photography top left by Nick Grove Photography,

Venue right: Luton Hoo,

Venue below: Whipsnade Zoo,

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