Music matters

When the first dance is over, it’s time to party!

The big question is what will the entertainment be?

The obvious choice is a disco, which is easy to arrange and will appeal to most of your guests if you get the music choices right.

Asking the DJ to play tunes from different decades, such as the 60s and 70s as well as the 00s, will ensure that everyone from tots and teens to mums and grans will take to the dance floor.

Just a few things to check before you book; make sure the DJ you choose has experience and a wide selection of tracks, that there’s a suitable dance floor at the venue and find out how late you can play music until, as some places only have an entertainment license until midnight.

You’ll also need to check that there’s adequate power supply for sound and lighting as well as the DJ equipment.



A disco is great, but it’s certainly not the only option when it comes to wedding entertainment.

Live music is extremely popular and will certainly be appreciated by your guests.

If you’ve money to burn it’s possible to hire a famous act, such as Top Shop owner Philip Green who hired Beyoncé for his son’s party, though the rest of us can have just as much fun with a tribute band.

A group playing well known hits, such as Abba tunes, will certainly get the crowd up on their feet, and for kitsch appeal a tribute act is a great choice – Michael Jackson impersonators are the top act on the wedding circuit right now as the nation is enjoying a renaissance of his catchy tunes.




Don’t feel that you have to go for the obvious, interesting live options also include international music that will surprise your guests, such as a Caribbean steel band, perfect for a chilled summer wedding vibe, or a lively urban band to get pulses racing late night.

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