Capturing a moment in time

Photographs are one of the best ways of preserving the memories of your wedding day forever.

They’re something you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives, so it’s well worth investing time and money in making sure you get a wonderful set of photographs of your wedding day.

Here are our three top tips to achieving super snaps:

Shop around

Don’t opt for the first photographer you find. It’s likely there will be dozens of great snappers in your area, so take time together to look through websites and bridal magazines - The Wedding Planner ! - to make a short list.

It’s important you then meet with the photographers to see if you get on and to look through at least two whole wedding portfolios of their work.

Before booking, get the total cost written in a contract and check they are insured and have a back up plan in case they fall ill on the day.

Make a list

You don’t want key parts of the big day to be missed, so get together with your photographer beforehand to go through the essentials, such as cutting the cake.

If there’s going to be an unusual event, such as doves being released, then be sure to make your photographer aware of this.

If you’re not opting for formal photographs of the wedding party, you may want to provide a description of people you definitely want to be caught on camera, such as your gran or friends from abroad.

Strike a pose

You may have chosen the best photographer in the UK, but if you feel awkward in front of the camera you won’t be happy. Ask your photographer if you can get  together prewedding to have a mini photo shoot to help you feel comfortable and find your best poses. If they can’t then get together with a friend to practice. Take your lead from celebrities, who swear by standing side on and looking over their shoulder when the paparazzi are around. 

Photography by Binky Nixon Photography, 01525 860862,

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