Unique wines - a unique gift

How unique! Popular wines with personalised custom designed labels for weddings!


We know brides are always searching for something a little different so how about a personalised bottle of wine as the table centre-piece or gift for your guests?

Unique Wines are a company who specalise in making labels which can include a photo of the bride and groom, a special thanks to their guests, a story of how the couple met, and of course, their special date.

Unique wines work with you and offer different types of labels, from vintage paper to a gloss finish. Add gold, silver or coloured foil the the design. 

Based in Newmarket they cater for all of East Anglia.  

So, take a look at their web site www.uniquewinemerchants.co.uk



How fantastic to keep back a case and toast yourselves each anniversary with your wedding day bottle!

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