Cute cupcakes

The cup cake trend doesn’t appear to be diminishing, in fact the number of chic bakeries selling these little works of art seems to have doubled since last season.

This Summer it’s all about colourful individual cakes decorated with flowers; think delicate iced roses and pretty pastel petals.

Delicious butter icing is piled high on top of light sponge; a wonderful treat for the taste buds.

Opt for a variety of designs and flavours and let guests choose their own, or stick to one style and pile them high!

Think about the presentation

Since you've spent so much time choosing a beautiful cake, put some thought in to where it's going to sit on the day.

 Your cake should have its own table, perhaps scattered with some fresh or dried flower petals. And make sure it's in an area where it can be admired by your guests, not hidden away in a corner!


Below left: Individual cakes give your friends the chance to take their pick from a selection of different fillings. Below right: Crown glitter heart design cakes, Cake Masterclass by Mitch Turner,





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