Cheese Wedding Cakes!

Cheese wedding cakes have become increasingly popular in the last few years. These savoury treats are now seen as a trendy option for brides and grooms who want something a little different on their big day.


There are cheese companies who will design and build tailor-made cheese wedding cakes, but you can also easily build your own.

The British Cheese Board has created a step-by-step guide to making your very own cheese wedding cake, which will hopefully inspire you to choose cheese for your big day: 

1) Decide on the suppliers - you’ll be using to source your cheeses and the cheese selection.

You’ll need to source a variety of different cheeses, using a selection similar to that found on a good cheese board: a hard cheese, a soft cheese and a blue cheese are often a good place to start.

Your cheeses should vary in colour, texture and flavour, but come in wheels so that they’re easy to stack.  


Top tip: we’d suggest avoiding fruit-flavoured cheeses as these cheeses are likely to leak fluid on the day and spoil the arrangement. 

2) Purchase the cheeses - you’ll need to allow around 100g of cheese per guest or a minimum of 10kg per 100 guests.

If you are providing this alongside a traditional wedding cake, you may need slightly less than 100g per person. Ideally, you should look to have three to five layers of cheese, to get the traditional tiered wedding cake look.

Each tier will need to differ in size from large to small. You could also consider adding small goat’s cheeses or heart shaped cheeses in between the layers, to add height to the cake.  



3) Now, it’s time to present your cheeses. You can either use a wedding cake stand, stack the cheeses directly on top of one another or put a circle of greaseproof paper between each cheese.

Rustic bases are also becoming increasingly popular, so to obtain this look, we would suggest finding a local sawmill and asking them to cut a slice from a tree for you and to sand it with their power sanders.

Once you’ve got this home, you can wax the wood to seal the surfaces. 

4) To finish, decorate with fresh or dried fruit, herbs and edible flowers and serve with crusty bread and/or savoury crackers on the side! 

All Cheese 'Cakes' shown are by Yorkshire Dales Cheese Co.


Remember, in the unlikely event that you have any cheese left over, it will keep for weeks in the fridge. Hard cheese like Cheddar can be grated and frozen for use in sauces, whilst 250 gram portions of Blue Stilton wrapped in foil can be frozen for up to 3 months. The trick then is to defrost the Stilton cheese slowly in the fridge over night, so the good news is that the cheese wedding cake then becomes a zero waste option.

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