Hundreds ‘n’ Thousands tell us why their cakes are the best!

Life is all about experiences and some deserve to be repeated time after time – eating delicious cake is one of them!


At Hundreds ‘n’ Thousands the mission is to make ‘cakes that taste as good as they look’ and H’n’T have even been known to offer money back guarantees as proof of their belief in their products!

There’s nothing worse than spending your well-earned money on something that looks delicious, taking a big bite and your heart heaving with disappointment.

This is never the case with an H’n’T cake – having been told the difference in their cakes is that ‘you can taste the love that is put into them’ says it all. 

Hundreds ‘n’ Thousands prides itself on products ‘looking beautiful and tasting divine’.

A notion that’s echoed by the feedback received from new and returning customers who visit the pop-up shop in The Howard Centre, Welwyn Garden City.



Whether it’s cake pops, cupcakes or wedding cakes ‘they are always perfect on the inside and out’ and customers return whenever their cake craving calls.

More often than not for a “Cookies ‘n’ Crème” or “Snickerlicious” cupcake.

Whether it’s a cupcake bringing a little joy to any given day or a wedding cake; the edible centre piece of your wedding day, Hundreds ‘n’ Thousands don’t just sell cakes, it’s all about the experience.

Laura and Jo work together to offer the highest customer service to all their customers, from the delightful experience of choosing your cake flavours during a home consultation, to being greeted with a smile whilst buying your cupcakes at their pop-up shop and finally getting to enjoy your purchase is all part of the H’n’T cake experience.

Life is too short for bad cake – be kind to your tastebuds and only choose the best! 

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