A bouquet with a difference!

How about a vintage, jewellery inspired bouquet?

Top vintage brooch bouquet designer Debbie Carlisle has introduced a new range of off-the-peg designs to the bridal accessories market – luxury super-sparkling bouquets made entirely of new vintage-inspired jewellery.

Debbie Carlisle has teamed up with Crystal Bridal Accessories to create two exclusive bouquet designs made from, and inspired by, jewellery from the brand’s very own Signature and Italian Luxe collections.

The collaboration means that for the first time brides can click to buy the design they see online immediately – rather than wait for a bespoke piece to be made from vintage jewellery.

It also allows brides to coordinate their brooch bouquet with matching jewellery from Crystal Bridal Accessories.



Debbie, who is renowned for her stunning handcrafted vintage jewellery bouquets, was approached by Crystal Bridal Accessories in response to demand from their clients for luxury brooch bouquets to team with their Hollywood glamour vintage-inspired wedding jewellery.

The result is two new exclusive bouquets –the small ‘Ava Teardrop’ and a large design called ‘Vintage Glamour’.

Both bouquets combine Debbie’s trademark teardrop shape with Crystal Bridal Accessories’ high-shine Swarovski jewellery.

The designs are exclusive to Crystal Bridal Accessories and can only be bought through their website.



Debbie said: “I liked the idea of creating a design using Crystal Bridal Accessories’ jewellery as it allowed me to make a design that I could repeat and also gives brides an opportunity to buy what they see – which is not usually the case with vintage jewellery designs as each bouquet is unique.

“While a lot of people love the idea of getting a unique bouquet made especially to their requirements, other brides prefer to be able to see what they are getting before they buy – and this collaboration allows them to do just that.

“Using new vintage style jewellery gives these bouquet designs a much brighter, silvery sparkle than the traditional vintage jewellery bouquets that can be ordered through my website and they are perfect for brides who love high-shine crystal accessories.



“I also love the fact that a bride can pick out a necklace, brooch or earrings from Crystal Bridal Accessories to match their ‘Ava Teardrop’ or ‘Vintage Glamour’ bouquet – giving them the opportunity to completely coordinate their wedding day look.”

The ‘Ava Teardrop’ and ‘Vintage Glamour’ bouquets are lovingly handcrafted using a mix of glass beads, fabric flowers and brooches from Crystal Bridal Accessories’ jewellery collections.

The ‘Ava Teardrop’ is a petite brooch bouquet designed to co-ordinate with the Ava stud earrings, necklace and bridal belt in the jewellery brand’s boutique.

The ‘Vintage Glamour’ bouquet is a magical display of clear crystal Swarovski brooches offset against wispy ivory flowers and translucent glass beads.

Debbie Carlisle's exclusive crystal brooch bouquets designs for Crystal Bridal Accessories can be viewed on their website at http://www.crystalbridalaccessories.co.uk/products/crystal-bouquets.htm

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