Top Tips for wedding videos

Having your wedding videoed ensures you capture the excitement of the big day for all time.

What better way to record your wedding day than on camera?

Photographs are great to look through post-wedding, but nothing beats sitting down to watch a film and reliving all of the highlights in glorious Technicolor.

A walking, talking version of your wedding day with your ceremony and highlights will be something you'll treasure forever and can watch with family for years to come.

Besides, who hasn’t wanted to be the star of their very own movie?

Read on for our points to getting a top videographer...
Videography - Top tips
  1. Start surfing. Find a good selection of local professionals then browse each videographer's website and watch wedding demos.
  2. Discover your style. Traditional, video journalism, short form, and cinematic styles; find a style to fit your personality.
  3. Look for associations. Professional videographer associations are a good way to make sure that the videographer you're considering is professional, skilled, and reliable.
  4. Testimonials, references and referrals. A videographer's website will usually have testimonials from happy clients, but if it doesn't, feel free to call and ask for references.

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