New Wedding Planner Out NOW!

The new Wedding Planner is out now! And, you can grab your copy or download it here!

And - this is how it will look!

We're so excited about the new issue of The Wedding Planner! It's packed full of fabulous ideas for your wedding day - it's the best issue yet!

You'll be able to pick up a copy at local major supermarkets (such as Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrison) as well as your local Register Office.

Also, take a look at our Suppliers Directory as all the shops listed there have magazines available and they'll be delighted to let you have a copy.

If you're planning on visiting one of the many wedding exhibitions shown on our wedding exhibitions page then you'll also have a chance to pick up a copy there!  

But, don't worry if you still can't find a copy (they do fly off the shelf) as it is available to view and download from this website.

So, happy reading!

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