'Organic Homme' is fit for a King!

Get your man into a skincare routine prior to the big day.

This active, new generation Certified Organic skincare for men comes from the natural and organic pioneers at Green People.

Loads of male celebs do it, even footballers!  So, start cleansing and moisturing for enviably brighter, fresher skin!

No 1 ...' Scrub it' - blast dry, dull skin exfoliator (>90% organic, £8.95 for 125ml).
Blast away dry and dull skin, and buff with natural Bamboo particles to lift away dead cells. (Bamboo traditionally brings good fortune, which will be handy on your Wedding Day!).

No 2 ... The ultimate close 'Wash and Shave' experience (>80.5% organic, £11.95 for 125ml). Bentonite is a natural clay mineral for deep-cleansing - and it draws out impurities. Potent antioxidants, Olive leaf and Rosemary team up to combat the signs of ageing by protecting against free-radical damage. Fairly-traded Shea Butter nourishes and protects. ' Scrub It' also helps to battle ingrown hairs - perfect on the big day, and essential for ever after!

No 3 ... 'Cool down' anytime active moisturiser (>93.9% organic, £11.95 for 125ml). On the big day, the guy that gets the girl will need truly outstanding skin. Slap on to cool down at any time of day with with this non-greasy, organic after shave and moisturiser, with a none pore-clogging formulation to prevent spots. Nourishing Almond oil and Shea butter also support the natural skin oils for lasting softness, even on tough skin.

Organic Homme is suitable for all men, including those with sensitive skin or prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin allergies. Be regally confident in the safe knowledge that these products are made without any chemical 'nasties' - including skin drying Ethyl alcohol, irritating Sodium lauryl sulphate, Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrances or Artificial Colours.

Organic Homme range, http://organichomme.com


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