First Dance

The ceremony’s done, the speeches are made and the cake is cut, what next?

The party of your life, that’s what, and with all your family and friends there it’s bound to be a fun occasion.

First dance

When the wedding breakfast is over, you’ll need to mark the end of the daytime fun and signal the start of the evening entertainment and the best way to do this is with your first dance.

Give guests enough time post-meal to enjoy chatting, chocs and coffee, but don’t leave them alone so long they get bored, so a first dance followed by more entertainment is a great way to keep them enthralled.

If you’re dreading the first dance, don’t, on the day you’ll discover it’s a fun rather than embarrassing experience that you and your guests will enjoy.

 For people that don’t like the spotlight on them, literally, it can be cause for concern, but if you make sure you pick the right song and practice beforehand, there’s nothing to worry about.


When it comes to choosing your tune, a piece of music that means a lot to both of you is ideal, such as a song from a pub you went to when you first met, as it will immediately make you feel more relaxed and happy.

No one will expect you to be moving across the floor like you’re competitors from Strictly Come Dancing, but do have a practice, even if you’re just swaying together, as it will make you feel more comfortable when it comes to dancing together in public. 

Most of you will be aware that some couples have dance lessons and come up with a routine beforehand, such as the now infamous Brit couple who learnt a routine from the film Dirty Dancing.

It’s a really fun idea to learn a set piece if you’re both up for it, but don’t force your partner to take part if their heart’s not in it – there’s nothing worse than being made to dance in public if you don’t enjoy it!

Finally, you may want to consider including special affects like dry ice, to give your first dance an even more romantic atmosphere, or arrange for a burst of confetti to be fired or balloons to fall from a net on the ceiling as you take to the floor.

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