Selecting your photographer

All you need to know to choose the right photographer for you.

 10 tips to help you choose 
  1. Do your research. Don’t hire the first person you find; look at internet sites for professionals in your area, ask recently married friends for contacts and check out wedding magazines.
  2.  Make sure they’re qualified. When you’re creating a list of candidates, make sure they have a photographic qualification.
  3. Meet them in person. Don’t just rely on internet portfolios or a DVD of their work. Getting on with your photographer and feeling comfortable with them is as important as the photos they’ll produce.
  4.  Ask to see a full wedding shoot. Some photographers try and wow you with a variety of pictures, but it’s more helpful to see a complete wedding album to prove they can take consistently good shots.
  5.  Check out their styles. If a photographer is excellent at reportage, then they probably aren’t for you if you only want formal shots.
  6.  Are they taking your pictures? If you’re thinking of choosing a snapper from a larger agency, make sure the person you meet will be the one taking your photographs.
  7.  Find out the complete package. Before you sign on the dotted line it’s vital you know exactly what you’re getting. For example, will the price include a free DVD of all pictures taken or will you have to buy them?
  8.  Do they have an assistant? You’ll need to know exact numbers as it’s usual to provide some food and beverage for the photographer if they’re there for a whole day.
  9.  Are they insured? You may take out your own wedding insurance, but make sure the photographer is covered for accidents and catastrophes too.
  10.  Ask about the internet. Some snappers have web sites, which you can link to and access your pictures - great for friends and family who couldn’t make the big day.

Photography by Ian Waldron Photography,

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