Alternative Transport!

For something a little more modern, how about a two-seater sports car for the groom and bestman to arrive in and you and your new hubby to depart in?

If you’re having a city wedding chic options include a white London Hackney cab or a red Routemaster Double Decker bus to transport all of your guests from can keep their carbon footprint low and avoid traffic delays by sitting in the back of a manpowered tuk tuk bike decorated with flowers!

A wedding by a lake, sea or river offers the opportunity for an arrival and departure by boat, which is a particularly romantic option if it’s a houseboat and the newlyweds can spend their first night aboard.

Wacky couples can be inspired by movies or television. Did you know, for example, that it’s possible to hire the Scooby Doo van? Or you could opt for an arrival in Batman’s Batmobile, the De Lorean from film Back to the Future or Del and Rodney’s infamous yellow three wheeler the Reliant Regal.

One thing’s for certain, the photos will be priceless!


Those wanting to really make guests’ jaws drop could have a helicopter landing though be sure to check the venue has a helipad before booking, (obviously).

And for an off-the wall entrance, we’ve heard about a groom who parachuted in to exchange vows.

In the excitement of choosing the main transport, don’t forget about the end of the evening.

If you’re not staying at the wedding venue, you’ll need chauffeuring to your first night accommodation.

You could book a taxi, but for something more glamorous, how about a limousine or luxurious Mercedes? You can crack open a final bottle of Champagne and continue celebrating your amazing wedding day!

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