Smart wheels

Your wedding transport will be one of the most memorable aspects of the day.

There’s nothing more exciting and glamorous than slipping into a vintage sports car or a plush limo to be swept away to an exciting destination.

Who needs a ride?

If you live or are staying close to the ceremony, you could simply walk there. This is fine in principal, but what if it rains or your high heels start to hurt? Besides, most brides want to enjoy the experience of arriving at their ceremony in style.

So, assuming you’re going to want some wheels, the first thing to do is write a list of exactly who needs transportation.

It’s traditional for the bride and her father (or whoever is giving her away) to arrive in one car and the bridesmaids to be either at the ceremony location or to follow in another vehicle.


It’s usual for the bestman to arrange transport for himself and the groom to get to the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled ceremony time so they can meet and greet guests. He could use his own car, a taxi or, if they want to be included in the fun, hire a fancy two-seater sports car.

Post-ceremony, a wedding car should be waiting to transport the bride and groom to the reception. You may also want to hire a second car for the bridesmaids and bestman. Guests are responsible for getting themselves to the venue, although if you do want to provide some transport, how about hiring a red Double Decker bus? It’s a great way of ensuring everyone arrives together with minimum fuss plus your guests will love it!

If your ceremony and reception are taking place in the same venue, don’t let this stop you from splashing out on a wedding car. After you’ve officially become Mr and Mrs, you’ll find it’s wonderful to slide into a beautiful car and have a 20-minute drive around, toasting yourselves with Champagne and catching a few moments alone together, while your guests gather and wait to cheer your reception arrival.

Finally, you’ll need to think about how you want to leave your wedding party (if you’re not staying at the venue). Traditionally, the bride and groom zoom off in a decorated car; think ribbons, tin cans and a just married sign. If you’re leaving in a taxi, make sure it’s booked well before the wedding day as you don’t want to be left stranded, particularly if you’re jetting straight off on honeymoon.

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