Table talk

Ensure your reception settings have that extra-special something with fabulous floral displays.

When it comes to flowers for your reception, think about your venue.

If it’s already very ornate, you can afford to have less decorations and blooms; if it’s a clean slate, you’ve got more work to do.

If you’re having a traditional seated wedding breakfast, then it’s usual to have a floral display as the centrepiece on each table, although don’t feel pressured into an expensive design.

Ask your florist to come up with some fun ideas to lift the displays above the norm, such as using fruit like lemons and limes in the design, or how about filling the vases with sweets, such as lovehearts?

Our top tip is to make sure your centrepieces are either above or below eye level when guests are seated, as you want them to be able to see each other!


Above & below left: Carole Smith, Below right: Paula Pryke Flower School book.


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