Child’s play

If you’re inviting children to the wedding, you’re going to want to keep them entertained, particularly while the more sombre parts of the celebrations are taking place, such as the speeches.

You don’t need to go over the top or spend a fortune, just make sure they’re safe and fed and watered and they’ll be happy.

Hire a childminder for the afternoon and arrange for activities like a treasure hunt or games of pass the parcel to take place.

Face painting is always popular and you’ll be surprised at how many adults will want to try it in the evening too!

If you want the kids to be involved and they’re old enough to contribute, how about giving them each a disposable camera, a list of key moments and people and asking them to be your unofficial snappers for the day?

They’ll love the challenge and you might get some fun shots!


Top Tops

  1. If you’re inviting families to your wedding then you’re going to have to keep the children amused during the day.

  2. You’ll need to find out the exact ages of the children attending so you’ll know if you have to provide entertainment for sullen teens next to five-year-olds.

  3. You could arrange for someone else to take care of the kids by creating a crèche in a private room in the venue and hiring a nanny or entertainer, such as a clown, to keep the children amused while the ceremony and drinks reception takes place.

  4. How about a treasure hunt through the venue’s grounds? (ask a good friend with kids to help organise this).

  5. A bouncy castle is a great way to keep kids entertained, although be warned, your adult guests may end up on it after a cocktail or two.

  6. Put together special goody bags for the kids if they’re sitting at the adult’s tables, it will keep them amused during the meal.

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