Beautiful Memories

Amazing wedding photographs will bring your best memories flooding back every time

The photographs of your big day will last a whole lot longer than the event itself, so it really is worth forking out for a top notch photographer.

If you're tempted to save a bit of money in this area, our advice is don't, as you'll be looking at your wedding album for years to come, so you’ll want it to be as fabulous as possible.

Choosing a style

If you've never thought about the type of photographs you want, it's time to start.

Some formal shots, to make sure the whole wedding party have been snapped, is advisable, but reportage, a less formal style, is a great way of capturing the fun, spontaneous moments.

It's a good idea to order at least some colour shots to capture the vibrancy of the day.


However, you may also want to request some black and white pictures; not only are they timeless, they're also incredibly flattering!

Photography shown by Nicola Norton,


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