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Expert Tips 

 1 Why a wedding videographer?

Your best man or guest have other things to do on your wedding day! We are specialists in making the best wedding films, taking the stress away from your friends and family members in doing the job. 

 2  Be there or not to be there.

Staying out of the way and being un-intrusive is the key to capturing the best and most natural shots for a wedding film. These moments are normally the most enjoyable to watch back. 

 3 Time to edit

All information on the wedding film should have been gathered by the videographer from the bride and groom prior the wedding day. This allows the editing process to be finalised within a few weeks after the wedding day; keeping the edit fresh and allowing the cameraman to convey to the video editor the essence of the day. 

 4  What to film and why

Your wedding day is not just about the bride and groom; it's about the location, the guests, flowers, table settings and all sights and sounds of the day. Successful, elegantly edited wedding films should include all aspects of the day that you have spent months organising & paid good money for! 

 5  The grand trailer...

All wedding DVDs should come with a highlights trailer on the DVD menu.  This is basically a shortened version of the wedding day, played to music, lasting no longer than a few minutes. They are fun to watch and normally a great way to show somebody who was not at your wedding day a quick view of your special day! 

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