Cocktails & canapés

Get the party started with colourful drinks and tasty canapés

If there’s one thing we love at the Wedding Planner it’s a party and in our experience there’s no better way to get guests in the mood for a good time than serving up exotic tipples and tasty treats.

When the ceremony’s over there’s usually a delay before the seated wedding breakfast while guests mingle and photographs are taken and this is the perfect time to offer finger food.

 Cool canapés

Smart canapés are those that can easily be held with one hand and eaten in one bite; think tiny blinis topped with a slither of salmon.

Left: Miniature bruschettas with diced pepper, onion and tomato topping



Current culinary favourites include delicate fillings, such as thin beef and chilli strips, served in a crisp lettuce leaf, tiny rounds of prawn toast topped with a single prawn and circular miniature bruschettas with a diced pepper, onion and tomato topping.

 If you’re having a traditional wedding, you can’t beat pastry vol-au-vents for filling and flavour and if you want to go the sophisticated route, salmon and cream cheese is a firm favourite of all ages.


Colourful cocktails add glamour to a reception party 

Why not make your ‘something blue’ a Curacao margarita cocktail! or try adding a splash of Cherry Brandy to orange juice to make a Paradise cocktail



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