Smile Please!

Using props or even a Photo Booth is fantastic fun and guaranteed to have all your guests giggling long after your wedding day. Want to know more?

1. How many does the booth hold? 

Most photo booths will comfortably hold 6 adults but on occasions some companies have squeezed a few more in! 

2. Do I get a copy of all the photos? 

You will receive a high resolution copy of every photo taken at your wedding either on a DVD or USB; you can choose which you prefer.



3. How long do you wait for the prints? 

The pictures are printed instantly and they are dry in seconds; so ready to handle and be passed around. 

4. How many photographs do we get? 

Most companies offer unlimited usage which means as many photos as you want, just check at the time of booking.  

5. Does the photo booth come with staff? 

An attendant will be present throughout the wedding to help with props and the smooth running of the photo booth. 

6. How long does it take to set up? 

The photo booth takes about 45 minutes to set up. We will arrive in plenty of time to ensure we are ready for your evening. 

7. Does the photo booth print in colour and black & white? 

By simply following the on-screen instructions you can choose whether you have colour or black & white pictures. 

8. Is it easy to use? 

Very easy; the booth has a touch screen with basic instructions which you just follow. 

9. Can I do something like this myself? 

If you don’t want to actually have a Photo booth then have a chat with your photographer and see if they would be happy for you to set up a box of props for your guests to use for some fun pictures. 

10. What props do I get? 

The usual fun photo accessories are oversized glasses, silly hats or  fake moustaches and don’t forget to get a chalk board so guests can write their own messages to you.

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