Hair flair

Create gorgeous wedding hair guaranteed to look great all day long 

The two things EVERY bride wants on her big day are a fabulous frock and locks to match.

Start experimenting with hairstyles a couple of months before the big day and ensure you try them out with your wedding tiara or headdress.

Take inspiration from our favourite looks for long locks

1 For an elegant look, loosely curl hair in large rollers, dry, then sweep back and secure with a corsage, leaving a couple of tendrils loose to frame the face.

2 Join the modern trend of leaving off a veil and opting instead for an amazing hair decoration, such as a fancy feather clip, oversized flower or diamante comb (shown left).




3 Tightly curled hair piled high on the head and secured with pins will make your neck appear swan-like in a strapless gown (shown right).

4 We love the trend for oversized buns, either on top of the head or at the nape of the neck. For extra wow factor, ask your hairstylist to sweep a lock of hair across the forehead and attach to the bun (see below left).

5 Large, floral corsages are big news for 2012. As well as on your gown, why not wear one in your hair? It’s the ideal finish to a slicked back updo (see below right).

6 Achieve an oh-so-chic BoHo style by leaving curls long and loose, but pulling back the strands of hair closest to the face and securing at the back of the head with a diamante clip.

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