Creative photography

The latest offering for unique photographs is ‘Photo Sharing’. This is a unique bringing together of the pictures and videos taken by your friends and family on your wedding day. 

How does it work?

On your wedding day an operator will be present at your reception to download all the images from all the mobile phones, cameras and video cameras present. And, don’t worry about differing software as they can cope with it all. 

Worried about them downloading unrelated photos? 

Don’t be, they search for the pictures and video for that day only. And, as the operator goes along they will delete any unflattering or inappropriate images. So, no-one needs feel embarrassed. 

Why do it on the day?

This is to ensure you don’t miss a thing. But also, because as they download the pictures you can start viewing them! You have the option to hire a plasma screen or projector so the images can be viewed as a rotating montage as they download. 

What about afterwards?

The images will be saved to DVD which will be given to you on the day. Or, you could opt to have the company do a post-production ‘tidy up’. They will colour correct images, put them in sequence and present you with a portfolio of images & videos on DVD. 

Photo Sharing is available from Event Photo Share,

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