Time to Dine

Scrumptious food choices for your wedding day menu, whatever the time of year.

Most couples spend around 35 per cent of their entire wedding budget on catering, so whether you’re having an informal buffet or a traditional three-course affair, it’s a big deal!

Once you’ve booked your venue (also a big chunk of expenditure) you can start the fun process of picking dishes.

Whether your venue has in-house caterers or you have to source your own, it’s important that you ask for a tasting.

Not only is it fun for you and your groom to have a night out sampling delicious dishes, it’s also vital, as you’ll find out whether the chef’s options are as tasty as they sound.

Before you arrange a tasting, you’ll need to narrow down the choices to three or four options per course.


Most venues will have a selection of wedding menus, usually starting from £20 - £30 per head for a three-course seated meal, but don’t be afraid to personalise it. If you want fish and chips as a main, ask for it!

The food should look and taste precisely the way it will at your reception.

However, if you want seasonal items be aware that they may not be available at the time of the tasting.

Once you’ve whittled down your choices and are happy with the menu, you’ll need a written contract—not just a verbal agreement—spelling out the date, time, fees and specific menu items. Both you and the caterers must sign this to make it binding.

Remember, the number of guests may change at the last minute, so be sure to agree on a deadline for your final count. 

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