Table Plan

People are always keen to know where they’ll be sitting during dinner.

Make sure your table plan is creatively designed and prominently displayed close to the entrance of the dining room, so there’s no last-minute scrum while everyone tries to locate their table.

Individual place settings should also be clearly marked with each guest’s name.

Let people know what they’ll be eating with a menu card in the middle of each table, and include details of the wine that will accompany each course.

Tables can be numbered, but it’s far more imaginative to name them after things that are personal to the two of you, such as holiday destinations you’ve visited together or items relating to shared hobbies.

Your stationery is an element of your day where you can get really personal, so let your imagination run wild and your creativity take hold – it’s these things that guests will really notice and will ensure your wedding is remembered for all the right reasons.


Photography shown by Expression Wedding Photography,

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