Words of love

Whether you’re having a religious or civil ceremony, we’ll help you find the right words. 

There are certain words that have to be included in a marriage ceremony in the UK, which together with the signing of the register, form the legal contract that binds you as man and wife.

However, an increasing number of couples are choosing to add appropriate readings or poems to make it specific to them. There are many wonderful poems to choose from.

Don’t ignore ones from the past, the sentiment behind the works of many of the 16th and 17th century writers and poets are very apt for today.

If you’ve chosen a civil ceremony you won’t be able to have a reading or poem with religious content. Finally, if you want to have a go at writing your own words, check out the tip box below. 


Top tips on writing your own words

The poem or reading shouldn’t take longer than two or three minutes so don’t get carried away – this is a brief public declaration of your commitment.

Don’t embarrass your friends and family with intimate details of your lives.

Sincerity is the key; the words should come from your heart.

Decide whether or not the two of you will recite the same vows or different ones.

Read your poem or reading out loud; this is the most effective way to catch errors, glitches or awkward phrasing.



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