Sleep-In Rollers

The Original And Best Rollers For Great Hair!

Not sure what the new husband will say but we love the results!

Thanks to Sleep-In Rollers, the new and revolutionary velcro rollers that you can actually sleep in - no longer do you need to have sleepless nights or a professional hairdresser to get the big beautiful hair of Cheryl Cole or Holly Willoughby. 

Designed to flatten like a sponge when you lie down, you can guarantee to sleep like a princess and wake up looking like one with perfect, volumized hair! 

When time is a luxury and beauty is an essential – Sleep-In Rollers are a product that the hair and beauty industry and the public alike are going crazy for! 

Launched just eight months ago, Sleep-In Rollers have taken the beauty and grooming industry by storm proving the originals are always the best!


Sleep-In Rollers are a fashion accessory in 2012 – British girls are now wearing them in public and are proud to show off their pink pre-prep hair routine. 

Fashionable, effective and affordable, Sleep-In Rollers are only £16.50 for 20 rollers which come inside a complimentary pink drawstring bag to carry your rollers around in style – available from

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