ClaireaBella Personalised Wedding Gifts

Wonderful Personalised Wedding Pieces From ClaireaBella



 Think You Know ClaireaBella? Think Again!

Weddings can be a costly occasion but thanks to ClaireaBella, a brand that is as unique as you are, personalised and crafted wedding products such as bags, fashion items, stationery and accessories are available at the drop of an eye and at an affordable price.

See Left:T-Shirt (£24.99)

See Below Right: Chocolate Bar (£6.99)









From personalised hen party t-shirts or hoodies, named chocolates and candles ideal for wedding favours and stunning hand-painted canvases that will make a unique wedding present, ClaireaBella’s personalised items are one of a kind.

ClaireaBella have even thought about the smallest of details providing personalised cards and wrapping paper too.

See Below Left: Candle (£14.99)









So, add a dash of glitter and sprinkle some sparkle to your gifts with one of the many amazing ClaireaBella products available exclusively from:

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