Bio Sculpture Gel

Nothing Less than Perfection for your Big Day!

Bio Sculpture Gel is the original, everlasting manicure.

Perfect for brides, Bio Sculpture Gel provides a glossy colour finish that won’t smudge or chip and will look stunning on the big day and throughout the honeymoon.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a flexible and durable nail coating that is cured under a UV or LED light.

The treatment provides a professional and glossy colour finish that nurtures and protects your natural nails.

Your nails are instantly dry to touch and they won’t smudge or chip for up to three weeks on hands and six weeks on toes.

Bio Sculpture Gel can also be used to build and shape your nails; they can be lengthened and re-shaped to have them looking their best for your wedding day.  


Due to the durability of the gel, your nails can be ready days before the big day, meaning that you don’t need to leave anything to the last minute.

The days leading up to your wedding will be filled with friends, family and excitement so make sure the last moments are as stress-free as possible.

Whether you choose a French manicure, a soft neutral shade or something different altogether, there is a colour to suit everyone.

The full collection includes over 150 colours, including a bridal selection, suitable for any bride from a classic bride, to a vintage bride or a glamorous bride.

For brides who are looking to something to add even more sparkle to their day; crystals, glitter and studs can all be embedded into the gel and sealed for a smooth finish.

For those who prefer a subtle style on their hands, add a little glitz to your toes for a hint of added glamour.

To find your nearest Bio Sculpture technician or salon visit or call 0845 331 2347


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