NEW Wedding Cheesecakes from Paxton & Whitfield

Artisan cheesemonger Paxton & Whitfield has created a NEW range of delicious pre-designed, visually stunning Wedding Cheesecakes.  

Ranging in price from £45 all the NEW cheesecakes feature some of the best British and Continental European cheeses that Paxtons is renowned for selling. The new collection will sit alongside the existing pre-designed cheesecake range.  

To help customers decide which cheesecake to select and to give them more flexibility, if they are not able to visit a Paxton & Whitfield shop, the team has created a series of NEW Tasting Boxes (£25 each). Customers can order these to be delivered to try out the cheeses before making their decision.  

Alternatively, customers wanting a more bespoke service can arrange to talk to one of the experienced members of staff at their nearest shop to decide which cheeses they want to make up their cake. So whether looking for cheese for your wedding or any other celebration then look no further.  

All the Wedding Cheesecakes and cheese are available from Paxton & Whitfield’s four shops in Jermyn Street - Piccadilly, Cale Street - Chelsea, Bath and Stratford upon Avon. Pre-designed cheesecakes are also available online at


NEW Wedding Cheesecakes

The Britannia (£165) shown left - Serves approximately 75 people. This cheesecake features five of some of the best British artisan cheeses. They are: Mini Cerney (x2) - little versions of this delicious goats’ cheese from the Cotswolds; Oxford Isis (x2) - a soft cheese that is washed with honey mead to create a pungent smelling cheese with a full, spicy flavour; Wigmore (800g) - a sheeps’ milk cheese from Berkshire that has a slightly sweet, flowery taste; Perl Las (1.2kg) - this superb Welsh blue cheese is golden in colour with a creamy, gentle salty taste; and Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire (3kg) - a fantastic farmhouse Lancashire that has an open texture and a buttery flavour with a hint of sharpness.


The Churchill (£85)  shown right- Serves approximately 30 people. A cheesecake that has something to please everyone. The cheeses are: Eve (x2) - a soft bloomy rind goats- cheese; Cheddar Pounder (550g) - an individual, cloth bound, traditional Cheddar matured in Somerset caves; Coulommiers (450g) - a bloomy rind soft French cheese; and Cote Hill Blue (1kg) - a creamy blue cheese with a buttery, satisfying flavour.


Wedding Cheese Centrepiece (£65) shown left - Serves approximately 20 to 30 people. This selection of individual cheeses has been created to display on a tiered cake stand to make a Cupcake Celebration Cake. The cheeses are: Langres PDO* (x3) - a delicious French cheese that has a depression in the centre where Champagne is traditionally poured to steep into the cheese; Mini Cerney (x2) - little versions of this delicious goat’s cheese from the Cotswolds; Bardeney (x 2) - an award-winning soft blue goat’s cheese; and Smoked Ceodre PDO* (x3) - a wax coated Farmhouse Cheddar that has been naturally smoked over oak chips, giving the cheese a smoky flavour.


The Charlotte (£55) - Serves approximately 30 people. A romantically themed selection of cheeses, the cake is topped by the heart-shaped Coeur de Neufchâtel. The cheeses are: Coeur de Neufchâtel PDO* (x2) - a heart shaped, Camembert style cheese from Normandy; Cashel Blue (750g) - a mellow, subtle and creamy blue cheese from Ireland; and Gubbeen (1.2kg) - a firm, subtle cheese from the West Coast of Ireland that has a mellow, burnt caramel flavour.   

NEW Tasting Boxes 

To help customers decide which cheesecake is the best for them to enjoy at their special event, Paxtons has created a series of Tasting Boxes for all their cheesecakes that retail for over £100. Each box contains a selection of the cheese used in the cheesecake and cost £25. This gives customers more flexibility in that they don’t need to visit a shop to try the cheeses, they can enjoy them in the comfort of their own homes.   

As part of the offer customers ordering a tasting box will also get a money off voucher for £25 to put towards find food accompaniments if they order a cheesecake online.

 The tasting boxes are: 

The Riviera Tasting Box - contains Langres PDO*; Camembert de Normandie; Fourme D’Ambert PDO*; and Tomme de Savoie. The full Riviera Cheesecake (£115) serves approximately 50 people.

The Britannia Tasting Box - contains Mini Cerney; Oxford Isis; Wigmore; Perl Las; and Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire. The full Britannia Cheesecake (£165) serves approximately 75 people.



The Boadicea Tasting Box shown above - contains Finn; Cashel Blue; Rachel; and Gorwydd Caerphilly. The full Boadicea Cheesecake (£275) serves approximately 100 people.

The La Manche Tasting Box shown right - contains St Maure PDO*; Coulommiers; Shropshire Blue; Cornish Yarg; and Montgomery Cheddar PDO*. The full La Manche Cheesecake (£450) serves approximately 220 people.

The King Arthur Tasting Box - contains Cerney; Stinking Bishop; Devon Blue; Fosse Way Fleece; Sparkenhoe Red Leicester. The full King Arthur Cheesecake (£495) serves approximately 220 people 

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A bespoke Wedding Cheesecake and cheese course service  

For those customers wanting to create something more personal for their celebrations then Paxton & Whitfield also operates a bespoke Wedding Cheesecake/cheese selection service. To book this, all the couple needs to do is contact the nearest shop, then arrange to go in and talk to an experienced member of staff about their requirements.   

The member of staff will discuss with customers what they are looking for, suggest a range of delicious cheeses to try and then confirm which cheeses will be used in the final cheesecake or cheese course. The cheeses will then be ordered and can be picked up or delivered to the venue of the celebration.   

A bespoke cheese service to make that special day even better!


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