Thank you for being our bridesmaid

Looking for a fun and interactive way to ask your girl to be your bridesmaid?


We love the balloon card!

The pink or green  balloon is attached to the front of the card which reads ‘You’re more than a guest so please say yes…’

The balloon can then read; Will you be my bridesmaid/Maid of Honour/Flower girl?

You’re more than a guest car by White Knot, £3.50,








Or, how about these cute socks? Perfect to wear on the hen night or for boozy nights discussing wedding plans!

There is an option to personalise the bag and the socks with a message that is completely up to you.

Bridesmaids wedding socks by Solesmith, £14.50,

Asking your bestie to be your bridesmaid is a big responsibility and will require a lot more time and effort from her than probably anticipated.

From attending wedding fairs, searching for your perfect dress and organising the hen party to continue ‘working’ on the wedding day itself, helping the photographer, guests and bride – she will put in a lot of time ensuring your wedding day is perfect.



So, we know you’ll want to get her a gift that expresses your thanks.

Getting her a bottle of her favourite champagne is always appreciated but we love this personalised ‘Bridesmaid’ bottle bag which makes it that little bit more special.

A gorgeous natural cotton bag which will include the name of your bridesmaid, the newly married couples names and the date of your wedding.

Personalised bottle bag by Andrea Fays, £9,






A beautiful gift is this high quality sterling silver necklace made with a slim profile that sits flat when worn.

Available in a choice of three chain lengths, you can fit up to 10 letters alongside the entwined heart symbols. 

If you would like the front of the gift card can be personalised with a message of your choice.

Personalised thank you necklace gift by Scarlett Jewellery, £49,







You might want to give several gifts for a relaxing night in or fun momentoes of your friendship...

...or you might have your own ideas on what you would like to buy your bridesmaids but presenting them in this lovely natural cotton keepsake bag injects a little humour and fun.

Customised with the name of your girl’s name these bags can come in a slightly larger size and with longer handles if preferred.

Keep Calm Bridesmaid Bag by Andrea Fays, £9,

We know she'll be delighted with any one of these! 

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