Relaxed Country Flowers

Bright pretty pinks - this theme is for a cool boho, rustic or woodland wedding.

The wildflower centrepieces are colourful, bold and a little messy.

Arrange them in bowls, small vases and bottles for the look you want and mix in herbs and trailing foliage for extra fragrance.

Add small tea lights that when lit will carry the scent into the evening.




Embrace this look for your bouquet fl owers by having loose posies wrapped in ribbon or raffia.

Mix and match the flowers used for your button holes and corsages so they are totally individual.

You can brighten outside areas with planted wildfl owers in a box covered with moss; stencil on your names and wedding date for an extra ‘take home’ favour for certain guests.

Don’t forget the ceiling – get inspired and hang pompoms, lanterns or even dried wildflowers!

And, follow your floral theme through with dried wild fl ower confetti and package in small recycled paper cones.

If a totally wild flower scheme is just a little too muddled and messy for you then mix in some garden ones for a more styled and chic look.

Wedding Planners: Liesl Lamare & Mimi Zouch Bright

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