Personalise your confetti moment

Personalise your confetti moment

We know you want your wedding day to be as individual as you are, and adding personalised details will give it that bit of extra originality.  


You can now personalise your entire confetti moment as Shropshire Petals launch their brand-new personalised confetti cones.

Shropshire Petals have developed a beautiful range of new confetti cones, which can be customised to include your wedding theme, your names and your wedding date in any colour you want.



From woodland to fairy tale and lace, to bunting, hearts, photos and more, there are 11 on-trend designs to choose from - something for every wedding.  

Select a background colour, add your names and wedding date, and even choose the colour of the text.  

View your chosen design on the interactive online preview to view what your cones will look like before you buy!

Once you have chosen your personalised your confetti cones, pick & mix your confetti for a truly unique confetti moment.

Personalised cones are available as a package, which includes 10 cones and a litre of confetti, in a Shropshire Box, which includes 25 cones or in the Bo-peep basket, which comes with 20 cones.

Personalised cones are also perfect for using to fill with sweets for a sweet cart.  They can be purchased on their own in packs of 10.


Shop the full Personalised Confetti Cones range at

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