Ideal Honeymoon should cost you £2,125

Brits should look to save £2,125 in order to be able to afford their ideal honeymoon, according to new research by!

The online travel agent found that most Brits are willing to travel an average 11 hours for the perfect honeymoon and would like to spend an average of 12 days with their partner once they get there.

When it comes to choosing the perfect honeymoon destination, 38% of 18-25-year-olds are inspired by social media and 16% take inspiration from where their favourite celebrity couples have honeymooned. 

Top Choice Honeymoon Destination Maldives (above)

With the upcoming royal nuptials, 9% of men confess they would be swayed by royal honeymoon destinations, compared to just 5% of women. 

The majority of Brits lust after iconic beach destinations, with the Maldives top choice, followed by Mauritius and Aruba.   

Stunning Bali (left)

Top 10 honeymoon destinations 

  1. Maldives
  2. Mauritius
  3. Aruba
  4. Bali
  5. Bora Bora (shown right)
  6. New York
  7. Santorini (shown below)
  8. Venice
  9. Cuba
  10. Dominican Republic 

It’s no surprise, then, that going to the beach is Brits’ number one honeymoon activity of choice. Brits say they would want to spend an average 3 hours and 37 minutes lying in the sun every day of their trip. 

Sight-seeing is the second most popular activity, favoured by Brits over going to the spa. One in ten (12%) of Brits say they would even consider including skiing or winter sports on their itinerary.  

Adrenaline activities are indeed high on the list. One in five (21%) would like to try sky-diving while on their honeymoon, while 19% would go shark cage diving. 

Brits think the ideal honeymoon should involve two spa treatments, four romantic walks on the beach, four candlelit meals and two social media updates. Indeed, one in five (19%) consider taking selfies “essential” to the honeymoon experience, while 12% say the same about posting about their trip on social media. 

Honeymooning Brits are real gourmands; 78% say they want to taste the local cuisine on holiday, while 77% say good food is essential to their enjoyment of the trip. Almost a quarter (23%) even want to learn how to cook the local cuisine so they can recreate the experience when they’re home. 

However, for three quarters (75%) of Brits the secret of a perfect honeymoon is finding the right balance of romance, relaxation and adventure. All happily found in Venice (shown left)


Robert McNamara, Head of UK at eDreams ODIGEO, says: “Most people only plan on going on a honeymoon once in their lifetime, so it’s important they get it right. Before you go, think about the places you’ve always wanted to visit or the things you’ve longed to do, and build a trip that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your life.” We agree!

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