Have a confetti moment!

Traditionally guests used to bring their own confetti but Shropshire Petals advise providing enough confetti for at least half your guests.

All their petals are 100% natural and biodegradable. They're grown on their Shropshire farm, where they are handpicked to ensure only the best petals are used and then hand-packed to maintain nature's own colour.

The larger petals are freeze dried, as this keeps their shape and vibrant colour.

Most churches and venues prefer biodegradable confetti as it won't harm the environment and no one has to clean up after your big day.



Their petals will biodegrade in just a couple of days and are super eco-friendly.

So, let's share some of their inspirational ideas!

Visit www.shropshirepetals.com

to find out more. 



Personalised Confetti Cones from £25

This complete package includes 10 rolled personalised confetti cones and 1 litre of your chosen confetti, which is enough to fill all your cones. 




Personalised Shropshire box from £58

Includes 25 rolled personalised confetti cones, enough of your chosen confetti to fill all your cones and a beautiful white dispensing box to present to your wedding guests. 




Confetti Pop £2.60 each

Each Confetti Pop is filled with a handful of natural petal confetti. All the confetti is natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

These are perfect for your wedding guests to enjoy and you can reuse them again and again! 




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