Clean Your Wedding Dress

New this month, Johnson Cleaners launch the Wedding Dress Box Service online via their new website.


This specialist wedding dress service is a perfect gift for brides. After the wedding, the dress is collected from their home, professionally inspected and cleaned, then returned in a beautifully hand-finished presentation box that preserves the dress for years to come.

Johnsons offer an unrivalled service and take the time needed to give the wedding gown the care and
attention it deserves.

The dress is cleaned at the Specialist Centre within a UV chamber which highlights any marks invisible to the naked eye, such as champagne which can stain fabrics later if it isn’t removed.

Johnsons dry clean exclusively using GreenEarth® - a gentle alternative to harsh chemicals used by other
dry cleaners that is ideal for the delicate fabrics and detailing on wedding dresses.


Once they are cleaned, wedding gowns are folded in layers of acid-free tissue paper to prevent discolouration of the fabric and placed in a beautiful box created from specially-milled neutral board.

This will protect the dress from light, dust and moisture while allowing the fabric to breathe, preserving the dress perfectly.

You can book this service in a few clicks to

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