Launch of High End Marine Skincare from Spa Technologies UK

We are very excited to tell you about the launch of the stunning high end skincare range from Spa Technologies UK.

Spa Technologies unique formulations serums and creams are formulated by blending natural active ingredients into a 70% food-grade seaweed base.

The result is a nutrient-rich product that provides protection against aging without relying on chemicals.

Seaweed is nature’s storehouse of magnesium, potassium and phosphorous, the building blocks of collagen, which maintain the skin’s elasticity.


The range comprises of 17 products and 3 kits including: 

Marine Serum -

Oxygenated Correcting Pigmentation Skin Brightening Booster -

Flower Peel - 

Laminaria Oil -

And you can see the full range here too:

Zinc, copper, silica, and iodine, are trace elements that are responsible for the synthesis of collagen, and prevent against further breakdown of cellular tissue.  

Their bio-fermentation of marine algae helps to repair and build the collagen matrix restoring tone and elasticity to the skin.  

Their newest breakthrough, Solar Photospheres, encapsulates two micro-algae that have the power to protect and repair DNA cellular damage from overexposure to the sun.


A list of Spa Technologies No-No’s—what you won’t find in their products: 

No Animal Testing:  All testing done by independent labs on human volunteers 

No Mineral Oil:  Only the finest botanicals 

No Parabens-No Formalin:  Only Eco-Cert preservatives used.  50% of the line contain no preservatives at all 

No Sulfates No Sulfides:  No sodium laurel sulfate, sulfides or related chemicals 

No Artificial Fragrance:  all products are scented with natural essential oils 

No Animal Products:  100% marine & botanical line 

No Artificial Coloring:  Natural coloring due to active ingredients only

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