We all love a cocktail!

Galvanina, the organic naturally sparkling drinks brand, is celebrating the summer wedding season with a selection of exquisite new cocktails and mocktails.


With the wedding season in full flow, the organic sparkling drinks are a beautiful addition to any summer celebration. 

Produced in stylish embossed glass bottles, Galvanina drinks can be enjoyed in cocktails or mocktails or simply with a straw straight from the bottle.  

The four drinks are perfect soft drinks at wedding receptions or as a delightful evening mixer. 

First discovered by the Romans some 2000 years ago, the sparkling spring water in Galvanina organic fruit drinks is an extraordinary natural wonder.

The snow and rain that falls on the Apennine Mountains collects in gentle pools before embarking on a long journey.



As it slowly filters through sandstone and clay, the water is naturally carbonated and enriched with a perfect balance of mineral salts.

After 30 long months, it gently bubbles out of the spring mouth on San Lorenzo Monte and is bottled with organic fruit pulp to produce the organic sparkling drinks.

As the legend goes, in Roman times the mountain was home to two ardent lovers who celebrated their marriage by carving their initials into the fountain’s foundations, along with the words Omnia Vincit Amor (love will conquer all).

Ever since, couples have flocked to drink at the Galvanina spring not only for the famed therapeutic qualities, but also to receive blessings and amorous fortune from the so-called ‘Fountain of Love’.





The four delightful drinks are delicious for mixing cocktails or mocktails. 

Galvanina naturally sparkling organic drinks include: - Sicilian Lemon, Sicilian Clementine, Sicilian Ruby Orange and Red Grapefruit. 

Could this be the most romantic soft drink ever…….


Available in Waitrose priced £1.59 for 330 ml and £2.87 for 750 ml.

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