Nicki & Mike Smith

Nicki and Mike married at the St James the Great Church, Thorley and held their reception at St Barnabas Centre, Thorley on 16th August 2014


Nicki wore a stunning strapless Vera Wang gown which had a relaxed vintage feel to it; Mike looked dashing in navy blue tails, grey waistcoat and off white cravat to match Nicki’s dress.

‘We both wanted a very relaxed enjoyable day as it was summer and our setting was in a beautiful barn so we had a county style home-made wedding,’ explained Nicki.

Nicki’s mum is from Switzerland where it is a tradition to play fun games throughout the day and evening.

One of the games she organised started with Mike and his best man Mark in shirts with their hands in welly boots, Nicki and her sister stood behind, put their arms through the shirts and ‘fed’ the boys a yoghurt.

It was messy, fun and got lots of laughs.

In the second game Nicki and her bridesmaids formed a team playing against Mike and his groomsmen.

Both teams were given a set of letters to hang over their shoulders and when given a word had to quickly spell it by arranging themselves in the right order.

It seems the girls were much better winning with the guests cheering them on.

‘I had no idea what any of the games were before we began playing them but they were a perfect surprise, super fun and added to the relaxed theme of our wedding,’ said Nicki.

Nicki arrived in a red camper van, borrowed from a family friend and left on the site for all the guests to explore as they pleased - a great backdrop for wedding photography

“Daniela, our photographer, was amazing and she managed to capture the magic of our day.”  

All photography shown is courtesy of Daniela K Photography, 

Wedding Venue:St. Barnabas Centre,

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