Sweet Treats for all your guests

Create a magnificent dessert table covered with delicious mouth-watering bites

A sweet table is lovely and your guests, especially the little ones, will be thrilled with it; but imagine a whole confectionary table with matching pretty mini cakes, cookie lollipops, handmade chocolates, tasty truffles and piped cookies as well as bowls and dishes filled with retro sweets all delicious and appealing.

And, standing alongside these mouth sized morsels you add an abundance of beautiful desserts from individual trifles, pots of raspberry mousse and brandy snapcreams.

This is dessert heaven.

But, the on-trend and season favourite is the exciting and inspired ‘live food stall’.

Think a wall filled with icing covered doughnuts, pegged individual popcorn packets or candyfloss.

Just ensure you have someone in charge to re-stock. All pictures courtesy of Kalm Kitchen, www.kalmkitchen.co.uk

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