Brockmans Gin celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Black Book of Gin Cocktails celebrates Brockmans Gin and is published to coincide with their 10th anniversary.

The lavishly illustrated, limited edition ‘book of the night’ contains a collection of over 40 exquisite gin cocktails, all inspired by the black bottle and unique taste of Brockmans.

There are seasonal and classic cocktail creations as well as innovative ways to garnish and present your cocktails.

The book guides you through creating the Perfect Serve G&T and pouring a Martini, Brockmans style, as well mixing twists on classics such as the Negroni and the Aviation.

It offers an enticing array of intriguing contemporary cocktails all designed to complement the 11 botanicals in Brockmans, famed for its blueberry and blackberry notes

We are defintiely off to purchase our copy. Cheers!

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