A Modern Fairy tale Reception

Add romantic touches for your own love story 


You’ll arrive via a horse-drawn carriage and sweep down the aisle in your Cinderella ball gown to your Prince Charming who is awaiting you with a floral bedecked backdrop declaring his love and vows for all to see; a bit much?

Well, this stunning ceremony backdrop does create a beautiful focal point as you exchange your vows. 



Add further fairy tale elements with gold gilded chairs and hand tied or wax sealed Order of Service scrolls for your guests to unfurl.

Keep your day dreamy with ceiling hangings of flowers, lights and hearts; whimsical menu cards set under ornate hand mirrors which ask Mirror, Mirror (Snow White).





Carry on the regal atmosphere with crisp white linen and golden accents in elegant candelabras, cutlery and mini crown place settings (Beauty and the Beast).

And, no fairy tale is complete without ‘And they lived happily ever after’.

All pictures courtesy www.confetti.co.uk











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